Organic Seasoning Seeds – Hạt nêm hữu cơ – 270g

✔️Does not contain palm oil
✔️No lactose
✔️Gluten free
✔️Completely vegan.

? Ingredients from vegetables and herbs should be suitable for dieters, vegetarians, vegetarians and for children over 12 months
? Supplement vitamins A, K, D good for eyes and bones
? Supplement essential minerals for the body: Magnesium, Calcium, Iron… enhance activity for the circulatory systems
? Add fiber to daily diet

Ingredients: sea salt, corn starch *, 2.8%, onion *, yeast extract, 2.2% carrot *, celery *, Concentrated vegetable juice * (carrot *, onion *), Spices * (candy root *, turmeric *, nutmeg *, sebaceous seeds *), sunflower oil, herbs * (scent of west *, mountain leaves *, laurel leaves *), Pumpkin *, garlic *

One teaspoon of 5g can be mixed with 250ml of water. Natural sweetness from vegetables but still ensure the saltiness of the seasoning. Stir-fry, marinate the meat quite fragrant, it will be easy to lure the whole family to delicious rice.


185,000 VNĐ