Organic Juliet Apples, 1kg


Dear customers,

We finally have the ideal fruit and most importantly, ORGANIC from French at our shop: Juliet Apples ???. What else is better for both your taste and your health? ?

“Apples are some of the most popular and delicious fruits on the planet. There is nothing like biting into a bright, red, sweet, juicy apple to quench your thirst and satisfy your sweet tooth while boosting your health in a major way.

In addition to being delicious, the health benefits of apples include the prevention of cardiac and GI disorders, constipation, anemia, and diabetes. They may also help relieve symptoms of rheumatism, gout, and Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Apples help in reducing weakness, providing relief from dysentery, and promoting digestion. Finally, they are known to aid in dental and skin care.”

?The apples are grown free of pesticides, synthetic herbicides and chemical fertilisers;
?Production practices must respect the environment and animal welfare;
?GMOs are prohibited.

Our apples are delicious to have as a snack, but we have some suggestions to make them even better: to eat with nutella or peanut butter; add some apples to your smoothie (yes we also have strawberries to go with?) , or even salad; finally a classic dessert with this fruit: French apple tart. Make sure you treat yourself and your love ones with the best apples in town.


175,000 VNĐ