Quality standards – Always be transparent in Naturally Vietnam

Since 2009, when the concept of “safe foods”, “organic food” was still undefined, Naturally Vietnam delineated the path for our operation, pursuing the objectives, keeping the commitment to transparent and high quality standards until now.

food standardQuality standards in Naturally Vietnam – always TRANSPARENT

The Quality Standards at Naturally Vietnam Shop

Accompanying local small/medium scale agriculture, Naturally Vietnam understands that it must be rarely possible that local farmers invest thousands US dollars to be consulted, certificated for Gap or Organic production. Therefore, it is easy to get some chemical free products assessed by on-field quality control staffs of Naturally Vietnam & Partners.  And the question is that how about the assessment process, is it reliable?

  • Evaluated by: Naturally Vietnam & Trusted Partners on-field quality control staffs
  • Time: at the beginning (Pre-Collaborative Assessment), periodical or sudden re-assessment in case of some suspected signals related to quality problems
  • Details:

Compliance assessment: Suitable people are the key

Naturally Vietnam invests time to listen, understand the farmers, sharing the core values, evaluating their compliance then building up the network of reliable farms to co-operate

Cultivation conditions assessment: depending on targeted products, Naturally Vietnam considers the suitability of location, air, water, etc.

Input assessment: The inputs through cultivating, harvesting, and preserving include soil, water, feed, baby animals, chemical, working staff, microorganism and so on.

Output assessment: abide by the Naturally Vietnam standard for each item/category

Taking advantages of solid technical knowledge, transparent and objective management, Naturally Vietnam is always proud of the process to select the most reliable farmers and products for retailing.