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Goat Cheese, round, semi-soft – 90 ~ 100 gr – Phô mai dê, tròn, hơi mềm

105,000 VNĐ

Fromage de chèvre: fermier & demi-frais.
Ingredients: goat rennet (from pasturised goat milk), lactic bacteria & salt.



  • Semi-soft/semi-fresh cheese is aged for 1 week. More pronounced goat cheese flavour than the soft/fresh one, yet still retain creamy semi-soft texture.
  • Farm-made goat cheese from healthy goats raised in DeTrang Farm, Ba Vi, Hanoi.
  • The goats are raised partially free-range, eating mostly grasses fresh from the farm and an additional small amount of pallets. No growth hormones, no antibiotics and minimised unnecessary industrial interventions.
  • Traditional fermentation and ageing method learnt from small farm and cheese houses in France.
  • The cheese is produced by hand with traditional method, in small batches, directly at the farm, using only milk from the farm’s herd. The cheese reflects its geographical location, the changes in nature and the specific pasture and flora that the goats eat.
  • The cheese shrinks and reduces weight over time.
  • Store the paper-wrapped cheese in closed container between 2 – 8 Celsius degree. Best used within 17 days.