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NATURALLY VIETNAM – The Exclusive distributor of Moc Chau Tomme Cheese

🧀Made of 100% Moc Chau fresh milk, sea salt and rennet with the special formula, 
Moc Chau Tomme cheese containing traditional French flavor, has been satisfied the world’s leading chefs from the 4, 5 stars hotels and restaurants in Vietnam.
🧀Moc Chau Tomme Cheese is a highly nutritious food made from pure fresh cow’s milk, providing energy vitamins and nutrients.
Moc Chau Tomme Cheese dairy cow cheese has a delicious flavor that contains many nutrients for the body to help the bones become strong .
🧀Cheese is a type of food that contains all three substances calcium, vitamin K2 and D3, which are particularly good at protecting bones, brain and heart.
🧀Tomme cheese is usually for eat like a kind of cake or pureed, sandwiched with bread 
– Grind cheese with fruit (mango, banana, butter …).
– Grind cheese with warm water into a paste, give it your baby to eat.
– It is possible to cook cheese with rice flour or pasta.

Naturally VietNam shop have Moc Chau Tomme Cheese:
– Cut pieces weigh about 300 g – 400 g.
– Cheese cake weighs about 2.2 kg -2.5 kg.

Price: 34,500 VND / 100 g.

Please order at http://naturallyvietnam.com/ or contact us directly at 📞: 024.66.744.130 / 078.9090.158