Fargreen friendy brothers always bring some interesting news together with their visit to Naturally Vietnam and so is this time.

To continue their production cycle process, rice straw is for fresh mushroom, and the leftover nourish the soil. And now is the time for soil to bloom with beautiful flowers including the very fresh hibiscus. The hibiscus must be very happy with so fertile land and bloom so splendidly. The fresh hibiscus is another chemical-free product from Fargreen as always.

If you are familiar with dried hibiscus as hibiscus tea, or syrup, you must try the new recipe salad from the fresh one. So yummy listening, tasting is even better.

3 ways to try this fabulous dish:

The first one, collecting Fargreen tags on mushroom products to visit Fargreen. The spanking new is served for lunch at the farm.

The second one, visit Tay Ho Weekend Market every Saturday morning to try. It must be early because of limited and so hot sample.

The last one, drop by Naturally Shop, getting one fresh box and recipe here to make your own family fresh meal.

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