Forms of payment
  • Pay cash directly at stores of Naturally VietNam when buying goods at the store
  • Pay directly to the forwarder of you when you receive the goods
  • Payment via bank transfer
Instructions for payment via bank
  • Customers do not have a bank account, no ATM card: You come to the delivery roomTranslation of the Bank closest to your address then deposit into the account below:

    Name TK: Công ty cổ phần Tự Nhiên Việt Nam 
    STK: 0991000003408  – Vietcombank – Tay Ho Transaction Office.

         Name TK: Công ty cổ phần Tự Nhiên Việt Nam 
           STK: 19028450223010  – Techcombank- Ha NoiTransaction Office.

  • Customers have ATM card: You can go to the nearest ATM tree to transfer money to Naturally VietNam representative account information as above information
  • Customers use online banking service (Internet Banking): Customers log inThe online banking system then executes the Transfer order to the above account.
    Note: After the customer has completed the payment, please call Naturally VietNam Hotline for assistance.