Until now, there are numerous difficulties in building a reliable, closed and safe food chain production in Vietnam.


sustainable food chain
Join us in building reliable and sustainable food chain

It’s even harder to Naturally Vietnam with the certain commitment to traceability and higher quality standards.

Therefore, besides our staffs hard work and efforts, Naturally Vietnam hopes that YOU, our responsible customers, can help us with small but meaningful actions.

Understand the difficulties

Unpredictability: It is very popular that a fresh vegetable field on harvesting time is struck just by a dramatic heavy rain; hence you please sympathize that Naturally Vietnam has to decline your orders in such kind of conditions. We hope you appreciate challenges like this, and accept the availability in Naturally Vietnam shop at the moment or please contact in advance in case of wasting time visiting the shop.  And please understand that Naturally Vietnam always continuously strives to diversify food products, but they must meet our high standards also.

Uncontrollable: Chemical–free means very limited tools to deal with insects or diseases, leading to that; in spite of hard working, it is impossible for the farmers to control totally, especially invisible damages. Hence, if you get a tomato with some insects inside, please empathise that Da Lat is on rainy season with yellow flies attacking crops. And, Naturally Vietnam is always pleased to offer a change or refund if you are not satisfied. No synthetic fertilizers also results in not too sparkling appearance with the veggies at Naturally Vietnam like other shops but you always need to expect fabulous tasting from our products. Naturally Vietnam hopes you can help us to make your own REASONABLE EXPECTATIONS and be pleasant with your decisions.

Price and price: NO chemicals, NO synthetic fertilizers, NO chemical pesticides, NO growth promoters means limited productivity, higher labor cost, more risk factor from environment, etc. But it is also together with better tasting, better nutrition, and more reliable foods. Therefore, please do not just decide basing on price tags only.

Order in advance

Referring the Fresh Arrivals Schedule to make your orders, it might simple to do but very helpful to Naturally Vietnam. It must be very happy if Naturally Vietnam’s production plan can meet your demands just in time and the freshest and tastiest food can be served immediately. Ordering in advance lets us to help you refer alternative suggestions, arrange better delivery also. Refer our fresh arrivals schedule for your order HERE.

Introduce to Naturally Vietnam

Naturally Vietnam always wonders with the question of imported goods at our shop. Naturally Vietnam always prioritises local agriculture at small-medium scales but more important thing is that our high standards for food quality. In case local products are not able to meet our requirement Naturally Vietnam has to select the import solution temporarily.  We are trying and hope you to help introduce us to potential trustable farms.  It lets you and Naturally Vietnam and other people approach more fresh and safe food.

Keeping feedback

Naturally Vietnam respects any feedbacks from you, the people consumed our product directly, either good or bad. Naturally Vietnam admires any suggestion from you, the inspirations for us to improve and serve you better step by step. For example: please let us know even if you recently bought a Red Dragon Fruit but not red (because of cross-breeding), or your delivered order is incorrect without confirmation. Naturally Vietnam is not the perfection but we are making our best efforts every day.

And leave our messages here please