It takes just 3-5 minutes to make order online on Naturally Vietnam website

  • Step 1: 1 minute to sign up on

Just 1 minute at the beginning but you can save more time for your order management, shipment submission, etc. later

  • Step 2: Click Shop to select the foods

 Promotion and discount are applied based on the time you made your online orders.

Some information presented on the website regarding product details, prices, delivery policy, etc. may have been changed in reality. In such rare cases, changes will be confirmed via phone or email at step 4.

  • Step 3: Shipment & Payment submission

Recheck your order then fill your convenient delivery, payment information

Please be noted that:

Shipping address: Should be very clear for more satisfied, precise service

Phone number: Required in some unexpected cases, Naturally Vietnam shipper needs to contact you.

Time of delivery: Extend the time as long as possible so we can satisfy all of your requirements.

(Ex: fill 13.30 – 16.00 instead of 14.00 if possible)

Leave any messages at “Note” field (Ex: get the bigger chicken, frozen salmon is ok, etc.)

  • Step 4: Please do not ignore your mobile phone or email

After receiving your order, Naturally Vietnam needs to confirm:

  1. Availability, exact weight
  2. The total value of your order and shipment fee
  3. Delivery information
  4. Any changes in products, price, etc. those are not updated on Naturally Vietnam website
  • Step 5: Feedback anything that you are not satisfied.

Naturally Vietnam‘s eager to listen. And refer our Return – Refund policies HERE