Naturally Vietnam started the story 10 years ago, when the concept of safe, organic and hygiene food was still undefined.

Naturally Vietnam Food shop
10 years – Naturally Vietnam and small – medium scale Farmers

Our history

2007: Launched ASVELIS – Asian Veterinary and Livestock Services JSC.

Business sector: Veterinary and livestock consulting services including breed selection; biosecurity and hygienic slaughtering

At the very beginning, because of lacking resources and skills, the difficulties in approaching right market, persuading customers to understand and respect the value of high standards products left many of the project’s farmers disheartened.

2009: NATURALLY VIETNAM was created to assist the farmers in solving the aforementioned problem

Naturally Vietnam is proud to be the reliable bridge that brings fresh foods from the farm to the dining tables with the following goal: help local small-medium scale farms in practicing good producing, food-safety guidelines and ensuring traceability, abided by Vietnamese standards, and familiarized with OIE (World Organization for Animal Health) and Codex Alimentarius Regulations.

In the past 10 years, Naturally Vietnam has struggled to:

  • Search for trustworthy, prospective partners, the farmers, who are ready to commit and share business philosophy and core values with Naturally Vietnam.
  • Accompany, counsel, and support the technical and financial decisions
  • Supervise, evaluate, and re-evaluate continuously information via on filed Quality Control Staff.
  • Promote our products to consumers.

Core values

  • Trustable: Naturally Vietnam appreciate the honesty and transparency in operation, striving to uphold the commitments to Customers, Partners and Own members.
  • Supportive: To always listen and be ready to lend sincere and considerate help
  • Transparency: Suitable information is always remained open and easy accessible at Naturally Vietnam; no place for opacity or dishonesty.
  • Respective: Every opinion, question and difference of are embraced, respected and given appropriate audience.
  • Professionalism: Understand and share the core values of Naturally Vietnam; embrace professional roles, rules, and process, and execute them with precision, objectivity and the highest sense of responsibility.
  • Sustainable development: Building an environment that ensures mutual benefits, animal welfare, natural protection and long term relationship for sustainable development is the leading principle of Naturally Vietnam

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