Organic, safe and hygienic food is becoming trendier and trendier, resulting in the numerous of this kind of food shops than ever.

However, it is definitely different at Naturally Vietnam. Safety, hygiene have never been a fashionable concept. That is always the promise, the commitment, the objective of Naturally Vietnam since 2009 when it was too undefined.

If the meaning of “safe”, “organic” and “hygiene” are ambiguous somewhere, it is always very transparent, specific at Naturally Vietnam. If it is tagged “organic” food, what are the evident? Who certificated? Is it trustable?

Back to farms, chemical-free agriculture is also aspiration of famers because of its sanitation for their own, their families’ and society’s health. But how about low productivity? How about taking much more time for cutting grass, for killing insects? Will consumers believe in the products without a certificate? Or is it worth pay the whole crop for a certificate?

Dealing with the trouble, Naturally Vietnam struggled to connect the farming products to the target customers, who respected the value of sustainable agriculture. On the one hand, Naturally Vietnam built up the standards for safe production, consulting, supporting, monitoring, and evaluating to select the passed products. On the other hand, we approached the customers to share our operation, our trustable producing process, our hardness and commitments in order to persuade them to refer, recheck and believe without any certificate.  The first customer, the second customer and so on, Naturally Vietnam accumulated step by step the the happiness this way.

Regarding the belief, it is hard to take, harder to keep. On the ten-year journey, some tough time, Naturally Vietnam had to change many things to survive; however our standards, our quality commitment were never changed. These are Naturally Vietnam’s business philosophy, the foundation of customers’ credence and must be protected in any conditions.

Therefore, the storm yesterday could not pretend Naturally Vietnam Quality Control Staff from the trip to Moc Chau, 200 km far from Hanoi, visiting some potential farms, some friendly farmers for further connection. That is the way of Naturally Vietnam yesterday and now, the way of shared passion and love…

Hanoi on a stormy day, 27.08.2016